Ok so last month I mentioned this month was going to be busy, and I wasn't joking.... Loving every minute of it though, wouldn't have it any other way!!

A solo in Lumsden
A painting in Echo Deco with NZAFA
Kumeu Art in the garden
Tuapeka gold pan
Mairangi Pastel Exhibition 
Art on main in Tirau
and of corse getting everything ready

I had a very nice surprise when I heard there was articles in a couple of south land papers last week, about the solo at Fusion Gallery in Lumsden. I have the link to one of the articles online here

The other I have a scanned copy a friend sent me :D

Ensign 10/11/2010

Here are some photos of my works from the gallery

I have been up to Auckland and home again this month as well, I went up to help the NZ Art Guild manage one of the four Gardens for the Kumeu Art in the Garden Trail.
Was a fantastic weekend, I was in Willows Reach, which I might add was simply stunning.
With my Pastel artworks which was all made possible by Kodak Express Levin.

Heres what I have been working on this week

A Gold pan - this is work in progress
Next blog post I will hopefully be able to follow up with the finished pan!

Hey thank you all for reading my blog, hopefully soon I will be able to share some awesome stuff from other artists too!!