Been hectic the last few months and the weather has kept a dampener on it all, being coped up and cold hasn't helped with the mood to get it all completed and now that it is it's a real anticlimax...
The sun is shining the new spring blossoms are out, lambs dancing in the fresh green paddocks... so why am I feeling so lost, personally I think I have spent so long concentrating on only one thing and putting everything I have to give into it that I have lost connection with all else around me, a feeling of loss when I now part with those works I have put all that effort into... a time for change a new direction is needed!
A group has started here in New Zealand of Artist trading cards, Looks like fun, and later tonight I will get some card together and do a few, these cards are not for selling but rather swapping with other Artists, if you want to join you can visit either or both Artist Trading Card's - New Zealand on face book or ATC's on Collettes website 
Will do a follow up blog post when I have done some, the first swap is happening 31st October so better get my thinking cap on, was thinking I could do something with the laminate pouches going to waste in my studio. :-)

I am going to look at water colour classes and next year I have full intentions of doing a bronze casting workshop, at the end of the day though these are all just wants and cost a small fortune to do.

I have had my Pastels out, and though I was disappointed with my pastels after talking with derwent they have replaced them wohoo, so into it now just mindless drawing and detailed sketches with pastel is so rewarding they can be quite challenging but the results can be just amazing.

To Cute
A3 Black Card

I have a Fan page on Facebook and there seems to be some controversy over this, I will tell you why I have one, it is simple, I don't think nor do I believe in "Fans" as such I believe in talking about Art and events and groups and anything arty it keeps my spirit alive, I have a profile page and yip over 1300 friends, but most of them aren't interested in art, so instead of friend collecting and having lots of feeds from random people showing if someone wants to interact with all things arty without all my personal chatter they can simple as that, we don't see each others personal feeds, they don't have to be "Friends" of mine but yet conversation is still achievable. fantastic for keeping personal and work separate. Yip it's that simple.
I am going to do a giveaway when I reach 500 followers on facebook, I haven't decided yet what but I may do something new just for it. Still a few numbers to go until I reach 500 but I have it in my sights. It's nice to have a goal.

Anyway that's enough for now, thank you for visiting my blog :D Off to have a go at some ATC'S what about you??