what an exciting month July was!

August 1, 2010

July has been full on, I enjoy full on months it keeps my feet on the ground, my spark alive and progress on the go.
I will start with last Tuesday with the Collabrtive piece "Bloom" selling on Trademe for $3110 with %100 proceeds going to The Mental Health Foundation. What a fantastic result for everyone!!

Wednesday, a fantastic day meeting Sophia Elise at the airport, well I was late though I left home with the anticipation that I should have arrived almost an hour early in order to miss the Wellington rush hour traffic, but alas I got caught in it and it took me 2 hours to get the last 20 km's to the airport. Absolute madness!
Ok so after I finally got there we went out to TLC (The Learning Connexion) out at Taita, Lower Hutt, it's an amazing place with the whole building being painted by just one artist, she has made it visible from the road, you know as soon as your there its a fantastic place to learn all things Arty! So after a tour of the college we met with a number of students to talk about The Nz Art Guild, and all the wonderful opportunities and resources it offers Sophia is a wonderful speaker but when it came my turn, my stomach jumped into my throat and with the added foot in mouth syndrome I really didn't stand a chance.... But I tried, I did my best, I should have put a hat on, thing is I am a student like them, and being no different is what made it so hard for me. however we left feeling very inspired!!

So anyway Thursday was spent visiting Galleries and art museums, around Palmerston North then Friday was spent back down in Wellington, meeting with the awesome team at the Nz Academy of fine arts being a member of both opens awesome doors opportunities, can you tell I am excited? I am! I am snowed under with events, next years calendar is looking fantastic at this stage, and for me it's all about making the most of it all!  This includes helping as many people to get connected on the way, doors open for everyone if we all come together to work together!

Anyway this weekend I got a couple of works ready to hang and one delivered, it is always nerve wrecking delivering art works too I have all those dreaded thoughts of "what ifs" going through my head, it is always great when they hang it straight away, and give you an added bonus like a fine bottle of Chardonnay just to say thank you, It really does make my day!
This is the commissioned piece which was incredibly hard to paint from a quick A4 pencil sketch to get all the colours not to clash and still work in with what the owner wanted, Very pleased all was happy at the end of the day!

Another commissioned piece was done in charcoal a week ago for a lady whose dog had passed away, I enjoy doing the Charcoal portraits and am planning on doing a lot more of them. Here is the charcoal German Shepard.

Connect with me on Facebook or on twitter, I am constantly posting new up coming events, or share your page on my Facebook page, all connections are welcome, as we all have the same goal at the end of the day, and thats to do what we love, Create!


July has been cold but eventful!

July 25, 2010

The start of the month I drove up to Auckland to help Sophia Elise, Manager  of the New Zealand Art Guild to set up the Emerge exhibition and Charity Auction as well as the unveiling of Bloom a huge collaborative work by 62 artists.

It was a long drive on my own, but I really enjoyed the down time just hitting the road and only stopping when I wanted to, which wasn't often, I left home around 5am and got there at about 1:30pm so I made good time and missed all rush hour traffic, couldn't have ...

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Back from Italy, and hit the ground running

June 20, 2010
Arrived back from 3 weeks exhibiting in Italy and hit the ground running, straight into painting for the next lot of exhibitions, delivering art to exhibitions and driving for hours to Exhibition Openings, It has been ages since I blogged  and have so much to tell but I'm exhausted as well so it's the short version of events tonight.

Italy, Stunning Italy, Meet some wonderful Artists in Italy, a bit sad really that I had to go all the way to Italy to met New Zealand Artists but so glad I did, ...
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Not long now and it all happens at once.

May 7, 2010
Only 3 more sleeps and we jet set off to Italy for the Legato Exhibition, It is still very surreal like its not really happening don't think it will hit us properly until we are on the plane. Opening day for the Legato is Sat 15th May so if your in Italy Join us in Cassino!!!

There have been heaps of newspaper articles and channel 3 News even did a segment, art radio are doing an interview on Sunday with Kay & Sophia about it (They are the organizers) you can click on their names here to learn...
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Raffle for commissioned work has been drawn

April 26, 2010
Ronda Turk and I have been running two raffles for commissioned works by us, the proceeds will go toward us getting our artworks to Italy for the up -coming LEGATO exhibition, all tickets where sold, and drawn today at the Horowhenua council.
CONGRATULATIONS to Ginni Baird and Rob Edwards!! 

Big thank you to all that have supported us, the amount of support we have received has just been amazing,  this is of course not the end, with the trip about to start, we will take many a photo on the trip...

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All set for the honey moon with all six paintings now finished for LEGATO

April 5, 2010
Saturday was our wedding day!! We had a quite one at home with family and our close friends, though with it being Easter a lot of people couldn't make it with their holiday plans already being set before we set a date only three weeks ago. :-)

Was a beautiful day though the morning didn't look very good, it was a bright red sky and as the saying goes  "Red sky in the morning shepherd's warning, red sky at night shepherd's delight" but the cloud came and it did rain but not over us, and then it...
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Admiration and decisions

March 8, 2010

I don't blog very often & when I do I read it back to myself and end up changing it at least half a dozen times before I publish it, Today was the start of Blog Idol 2 on stuff.co.nz & a blogger I have followed & almost everyday read the posts for quite some time now has made the top ten, I admire this young lady a stay at home mum, a professional artist, a wife.... I too am a mum, a wife, an artist but she has an outlook on everything that has a silver lining she can make a boring day at ho...

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Lots to be excited about.

March 5, 2010
Wow today I got home to find an email in my inbox, Nz Art Guild FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH, & then thought wow thats me on the header, I feel very humbled by it!! Thank you NZ Art Guild you have made my month!! 

Anyway I have been trying continuously to get my blog written up over the past week but I have had countless problems with things not working right, finally my key board and mouse died this morning, so late this afternoon I treated myself & replaced them, wow what a difference it has...

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Italy Here we come!

February 13, 2010
This year is set to be a good one with being selected for featured artist with Bajidoo Bangles, Being selected to participate in the Living Halls project, and Selected to represent New Zealand art in Italy, what an honour!!

I will also be exhibiting at the "New Zealand's got Talent" Exhibition which is to be held at the City Gallery in Invercargill March 5th - 31st.

Bajidoo have now produced two new bangles which are stunning, I can not wait to recive them and wear them, Check them out even if ...
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Featured Artist, Art transformed into bangles.

January 13, 2010
Wow what a week, Bad news First..... Seems that the shipping container deal that I was going to be painting, has fallen over on me, I was really looking forward to it too, but these things happen and normally for a good reason.

Good News Now: 2 things first of all, as some of you will know 2009 was a bumpy one, my partner was diagnosed with cancer & has been having chemotherapy treatment which is especially hard on him, but also hard on us all, Today we had the best news & with the surgery & t...

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Sharlene 2010 Highlights  One of 7 artists worldwide selected to have her artworks transformed into jewellery with award winning American company Bajidoo.  Exhibited in group exhibition in Italy  Took part in 15 group exhibitions, and held a solo show. 2011 Highlights  Won the January UK Derwent Award with a pastel work.  Attended an artist residency in India  Took part in 8 group exhibitions and 2 solo shows  Was listed in the International Dictionary of Artists, published by World Wide Art Books.  Attended an artist residency in Albania.  Studying Masters of Arts Management at Whitecliffe Art School  Global press coverage, from newspaper articles to Television and live stream interviews, for numerous events. Contact details: Facebook: www.facebook.com/sharlenesart




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