I was stoked to see last week a news article in the Manawatu Standard click on the picture for a larger veiw.

Another article then did it's rounds via Scoop and landed in UK News and World News

I have been selling shares for this trip as I could not afford to go at all, but when all these wonderful Artists all came together donating works and making payments into a bank account to ensure I go I was intent on making them proud!!
Via One Good Deed ~ Marimba Powley with her stunning wire Sculpture, Leo with a huge range of donations from his novels and prints to his stunning silver bronze and clay sculpture, Mike Greenwood with his most impressive Oils, Cath sheards stunning works, Alfred Memelink with his framed hand painted print, sooo many more also but these are the ones off the top of my head.

The shares, well yes they are are a lot of work for $35 and I am continuosly being told they are under valued, but thats ok because my grattitude out ways the value!! :D
Yeah sure I will make 60 certs, 60 postcards, 60 artworks..... hummmm Im up to the postcards and at 5 minutes a postcard I should be done in lets see 5 hours... LOL right so I have started and in all honesty by the time I have made up my mind what I am actually going to do with each one it is more like 10mins a card, but thats OK because they are going to all the wonderful people that have donated an artwork for sale or bought shares in my trip, I am quite enjoying the challenge and making each card as individual as the next.

Start to finish: print the backs of each card, Im using a one sided Gloss, heavy photo paper, so the non shiney side will be perfect for writting on.

Step 2: start laying down a base colour with a sponge wedge and a ink pad. I rub coloured ink all over the gloss side.
Step 3. Work out what and where things will go, I have been using embossing powder over different parts so that the next layer of ink doesnt effect the picture I have just put down.

Run it back through the printer after heat setting the embossing powder, with my own serenade and there is one done 8D

Heres a few others I have completed since, a couple of them I thought I would make black and white images of my art and then colour them with the ink, but I only did a couple as I was getting to fussy, and with a huge amount to do and a lack of time I wont be doing anymore that way....

I look forward to the next step.... writting to everybody from India on the postcards :D

Thank you for reading my blog, and if you havent got your share yet CLICK HERE