With every step we take we open a door to new steps in life, and as long as you don't step on someone else in the process, moving forward in your chosen career path can be as easy as just trying each door, I have a goal to take my art to the world one country at a time, but throughout this journey I wish to make sure others do too, sharing the bigger doors that I have opened.
May 2010 through the NZ Art Guild I got the chance to go to Italy and exhibit in Cassino, a commemoration of WW2 and mark the existence of our soldiers there in that period of time, there was lots of emotional tears. March 2011 Thanks to Ashis Pahi, from India I got selected to take part in his Artist Residency, and exhibit there, From that trip I met some truly wonderful people, and it opened all sorts of doors, September 2011 I travelled to Albania after meeting Brunilda Mumajesi in India, again meeting more wonderful people, This opened another door, and I was invited to be President of a committee to concentrate on getting a team of Artists from all artistic mediums to Croatia for the World Art Games in 2013, now with so many doors open and so much going on I have to let something go. during all of this I have remembered all those who helped me in the first instance to get to India, and each and everyone of them are getting a share painting, a 6x6" canvas that when all 16 of each set are put together it makes a bigger picture. (A share of the bigger picture) this was a promise, but I am running late though, and those watching and waiting for their share I can say they are on the way very soon!!
Right so time to work out my priorities, Art, Whitecliffe studies, TLC studies, Home Schooling my 15 yr old son, my family, and all the volunteer work I do for the Art Guild and the Academy, unfortunately something had to go, and I have resigned from the Guild, it was always an 8 hour drive, taking away time with my family, I spent hours finding every opportunity available, and I believed I had done enough over the last three years to say I done my bit. But I will miss everyone and hope I can stay in touch with as many as possible from the Guild anyway.
Moving forward I still have the last 12 squares to finish for the shares, and I will share some pic's from Albania, I am off to Croatia in November for the first WAG conference and will update NZ with my plan for selection of the teams to go, and how we can help get them there, YOU might be one of them, its food for thought for you right now, that door is opening and this is just a peek

Amazing Artists from around the world

The two Exhibition invites first for the works we took to Albania the second Exhibition included the works we did in Albania.

Myself painting outside in Albania,

The Exhibition opening Albania

Our visit to an orphanage, with a huge bag of toys.
Photo supplied by Susanna Surrander (Sweden)

Last parting thing today I would like to say: If I have learnt anything from these doors really worth sharing right now, is don't let anyone tell you that they made you what you are, You did it, only only you can make your choices in life, which doors to walk through which pies you have your fingers in, that was you!! And only you can push your work to its limits, be passionate and believe in yourself because only then will others believe too. I say this because I have heard it recently, and it was a true reminder ...never let someone squish your passion by taking the credit for your success!!