Is there no End? I most certainly hope not!!
I am absolutely loving being a full time artist, I can stay up until 6am painting and go to exhibition openings, I am in charge of my own calender and I get to manage my own time, I was never very good at this 9-5 structure but am very good at working an 8 hour day, but to be fair most days are more like 12 hours, and normally at night.
I have been painting madly with the intention of having 18 works all at least at the half way mark by the end of the month, I am getting there, with 3 finished and 8 on the go...  
I am looking forward to the Exhibition Opening this Friday in Wellington at the New Zealand Academy of fine arts, this is a new thing for me, and past artists had put me off, they had attached a stigma that I now know not to be true, it was just a case of Artists on high horse's. They are really lovely down to earth people all their for the same reasons, to give Nz Artists the support and attention they deserve. They even have a Face book Page. :-)
I will be in Auckland for the hanging and Opening of the Women's Health Exhibition and delivering two works to Sam's Family for there fundraiser dinner and Auction in October, and as I promised last blog post, images would come once I knew Sam's parents were happy with my offer, so here they are.... 

Flying High

Be Still

I thought I might enter the North Shore Arts Awards too, I have never entered one before, and I don't like my chances but at least I can say I tried. Fingers crossed. :-)

I Quoted - James MacNeill Whistler ”An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision.”  the other day and so it be true, a time limit on a vision can never be placed an hourly rate would for me out price any works and if I was working just solely for the pay packet I wouldn't be an Artist.

Today I quoted Rachel Inch "The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being". Thank you Inspirational Art - Rachael Inch for sharing :-) Well you don't have to be an artist for this one to be appropriate! For me this is achievable and I do get a sense of self worth and well being by donating my time and efforts and more often than not works of art, which I do specifically for people/ groups to help either with money raising, a smile, a hug or a discussion, that's what makes being an artist worthwhile. Just like passing a smile at someone walking down the street, eventually that smile will come back, that person will smile at the next person and so on and so on. And it comes at no cost to another individual either.

Heres something I am just a little ticked about, comments from others that just rubbed me the wrong way, I know it was just ignorance but I am compelled to state my opinion... (This is me building my bridge, yip so I can get over it) once said it's done!

Does one need a Diploma to be passionate about what they do? NO
Does one need a Diploma to be good at what they do? NO
Does one need a Diploma to be recognized for what they do? NO

So why is there so much importance placed on that diploma? Will it make them better fitted for investment?? I think not... Well I believe people get lost in all the paper work, they forget what it was, that feeling of supplying that smile, and all of a sudden they are on a really big horse riding off into the sunset.... I am studying for a diploma in arts..... Why? Simply because I want to learn, I am passionate about Art... the diploma is just a piece of paper that will accompany the end of my years studying and learning, it will probably go in a draw, and I will frame the knowledge that I have learnt instead. I have heard not one but many comments lately from people stating they are better than others because the have a BA in arts, well guess what I think that has more BS attached to it than they can see from up on their horse.  Just because they studied in one field doesn't make what they do any better than the next artist, Art is subjective at the best of times and really it is only the impact on the one person who loves it enough to have to have it that makes it great art and worthwhile, when I say worthwhile I am not talking about being paid... it is worthwhile because their vision had an impact on another person, this is after all why Artists are Artists in the public eye, otherwise we would keep quite and hoard all our work in a dark closet somewhere. The subject of payment should come with respect to the Artist, you wouldn't walk into the supermarket and expect not to have to pay for what you wanted just because they were supplying you it with a smile.
But of course this is all just my personal opinion, I am happy with my opinion, and I enjoy living life by the Morals within in it, it works for me.

So If you want a BA with out all the BS have a look at TLC real people doing real things.
If you want to get your Art work out of the closet so to speck (They are open to all real Artists) then check out the New Zealand Art Guild these real and awesome people are all their for everyone else! Promotion, Support, Knowledge, and friendship all rolled into one. 

Thank you for reading my Ramblings today, I'm heading back to my easel :-)