Wow I don't know about you, but this year has flown.....

Last time I blogged and sorry peeps, I know I haven't been as onto in the last few months.... I was gearing up for Small Packages in Auckland and was waiting on my Gold pan, Well I can safely announce that the Gold pan is finished, and when I get some ink for my printer I can send it back with my Bio. :D

Small Packages is now on at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna

Goldpan Tuapeka 2011

So after that besides some charcoals and pastel stuff I have had have ready for people for Christmas, I have been working on a small Oil, I suppose first of all I bought a violin off trade me determined to learn it, I also got tired of trying to work out the violin with no references.... It is difficult to say the least.
So here is my new Violin, it is an old lease violin so it does come with all it's scratches and marks but I think it makes it even more beautiful.

upon its arrival I started to paint at first I didn't know what the painting would be, but it would obviously contain music,
I loved the thought of a spilt Glass of Red wine this is the symbol to many of either good or bad, Christmas is looming and with passionate people across the world it it is either intense passion of love or love lost.

Second phase was of course the violin after much self deliberation, I decided where it would sit, The violin for me is again one of two things a sexy well respected instrument that brings passionate emotions to life with its sound and finely sculpted curves or can be viewed as the old saying goes "playing one's violin again" for that sadness that people feel this time of the year. and of course two red roses, as passion is only there if there are two to Tango. :D

So anyway as you can see above there was till a long way to go, but it was decided what it would be, a symbolic interpretation of love and loss.

And so here it is finished
"Caught in the Moment"

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you enjoyed my rambles on how my pieces come about,

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