The start of the month seen the Opening of "Inner Strength" Exhibition, a lot of powerful Images where painted, each one telling a story from the artist that did it.
From one emotional event to another this month has been full of finding my own Inner Strength, on return from the exhibition in Auckland I heard a friend of mine had passed away, he had sadly taken his own life... This is where the story starts many years ago before I ever thought of picking up a pencil or a paintbrush I met this wonderfully talented family, Dad is an artist, son is a musician, and he wanted to be a pilot of all things.....etc anyway they where all gifted in some amazing way, I asked my new found friend's father one day to please do a portrait for me of my new boyfriends car... NO was the answer.. Do it yourself....(Him and my mate where trying to jack me up with his son, hence the stern No...... (We were just good friends so it wasn't going to happen) I didn't know where to begin or how to start, he then told me "well I suspect you will never be able to do it anyway"..... His son egged me on "Prove the Old bugger wrong" he'd say, so I did, and I never stopped, they would tell me how proud they where, and if they hadn't have given me the push, what would I be doing now.... Something I now couldn't imagine... life without artistic expression.....un thought of now!

His funeral was last week, a very hard one to sit through, but this young man was rightly discussed as being the spirit of Karearea a NZ Falcon, from birth he was strong, a fighter, a beautiful but yet defiant soul, why he could not find his rock a fortnight ago, I suspect we will never know.

He was also the cousin of my very best friend, her and I have been mates since primary... ohh such a long time ago...the three of us have been there for each other for ever it seems... It is her birthday this coming Monday, and she spoke about getting a another tattoo, and would I design it as that would mean more... given the recent loss! She is covered in tattoos but this time one that covers her back, and ties the whole family together, her mum and brother she wished for initials in music, her 3 children as lilies, her brother (deceased) as kowhai flowers and her cousin as a falcon, butterflies for her and myself all linked, So I added to my sketch, each symbol being of significance of those we hold close to our hearts.
Tear Jerking I tell you!

Stage 2 of the design

Below - It is finished ready for framing over 40hrs has gone ito this, and many tear,s while I have searched for my Inner Strength to do it, representing the people in our live's for whom we are and where we are today.

Charcoal and colour tinted with Pastel
A3 paper
©2010 Sharlene Schmidt