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Featured Artist, Art transformed into bangles.

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Wednesday, January 13, 2010,
Wow what a week, Bad news First..... Seems that the shipping container deal that I was going to be painting, has fallen over on me, I was really looking forward to it too, but these things happen and normally for a good reason.

Good News Now: 2 things first of all, as some of you will know 2009 was a bumpy one, my partner was diagnosed with cancer & has been having chemotherapy treatment which is especially hard on him, but also hard on us all, Today we had the best news & with the surgery & t...

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Wohoo 2010! Surronded by Inspiration!

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Wednesday, January 6, 2010,
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To All!

The start of every New Year is an inspiration & is filled with motivation and this year is no exception to that.

I have had a brilliant 2009 even with its big speed bumps that threw me back a step or two & I am motivated to make 2010 just as good if not 10x better for the whole family, & so far 6 days into it, it looks promising.

My New Years started with triumph, a Facebook friend payed me a complement & thanks for support & encouragement I had given t...

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Sharlene 2010 Highlights  One of 7 artists worldwide selected to have her artworks transformed into jewellery with award winning American company Bajidoo.  Exhibited in group exhibition in Italy  Took part in 15 group exhibitions, and held a solo show. 2011 Highlights  Won the January UK Derwent Award with a pastel work.  Attended an artist residency in India  Took part in 8 group exhibitions and 2 solo shows  Was listed in the International Dictionary of Artists, published by World Wide Art Books.  Attended an artist residency in Albania.  Studying Masters of Arts Management at Whitecliffe Art School  Global press coverage, from newspaper articles to Television and live stream interviews, for numerous events. Contact details: Facebook:




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