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Raffle for commissioned work has been drawn

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Monday, April 26, 2010,
Ronda Turk and I have been running two raffles for commissioned works by us, the proceeds will go toward us getting our artworks to Italy for the up -coming LEGATO exhibition, all tickets where sold, and drawn today at the Horowhenua council.
CONGRATULATIONS to Ginni Baird and Rob Edwards!! 

Big thank you to all that have supported us, the amount of support we have received has just been amazing,  this is of course not the end, with the trip about to start, we will take many a photo on the trip...

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All set for the honey moon with all six paintings now finished for LEGATO

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Monday, April 5, 2010,
Saturday was our wedding day!! We had a quite one at home with family and our close friends, though with it being Easter a lot of people couldn't make it with their holiday plans already being set before we set a date only three weeks ago. :-)

Was a beautiful day though the morning didn't look very good, it was a bright red sky and as the saying goes  "Red sky in the morning shepherd's warning, red sky at night shepherd's delight" but the cloud came and it did rain but not over us, and then it...
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