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Making dollars stretch & being able to save, great tip's I have to share!

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Monday, July 27, 2009,
So today has nothing to do with Art, but as an artist & standing on my own two feet, I don't know when my next pay day will be, it could be tomorrow, or even a month away... We have to live in the mean time, am lucky though my partner has a full time Job so when I am stuck he still has means to help, but dollars are still tight. While visiting a friend a couple of weeks ago, I said wow what cleaner are you using your house smells lovely, "baking soda & essetail oils" she replied "& do you lik...
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This weeks inspiration.

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Saturday, July 25, 2009,

As a full time Artist now I do not always find that inspiration is running on high all the time, quite often I will find myself walking for hours just trying to find that sparkle that will ignite into another piece of original art, it is one thing to be able to paint a pretty picture, but to want to paint & paint with absolute passion when doing it full time can be just as hard as actually getting a sale afterwards that makes it all worth while.

Lately I have found myself star gazing, & scrol...

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Keeping the mind alive.

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Tuesday, July 14, 2009,
It is absolutely Freezing here at the moment & this is contributing to my insomnia, up all night & can't sleep during the day, though I have to keep busy it is hard to be inspired when things feel miserable around you.
Every Fortnight The Nz Art Guild set a challenge, with topic in mind It is a great way to keep the mind focused, more & more people are entering now which makes it all the more interesting, Yesterday seen the voting for the last music themed challenge where we where given four y...
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Ngatahi Revealed

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Sunday, July 5, 2009,

Limited Edition Prints Available by

The Opening night was apparently a fantastic turn out with over 200 people there, all the proceeds from the Ngatahi Auction go to The Nz Mental Foundation.

Campbell live were going to be there & televise the opening but pulled out for reasons out of our control at the last minute, never mind the night was still a hit.

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