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I am Officially a Student again

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Saturday, August 29, 2009,

The last three days while suffering from a Nasty flu, I have immersed myself into study, I am officially a part time student studying for a Diploma in Arts with TLC (The Learning Connexion). It has been weird having to start from the basics again to work through the course but also very good in the same sense, it has made me think about what it is I am doing, rather than just doing it. A bit like after you have been driving a car for years you no longer think of each process, it comes natural...

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Music in my head.

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Sunday, August 23, 2009,
Music for your eyes rather than your ears, is my theme I am painting this month, It is a carry over from last months work as well but I am loving it.
Last month it was another artist that inspired me but this month it is the fact that music has kept me going when all else was bad. Saturday week ago was one of the worse days or week leading up to it, that I have had in a long time without any one else actually being involved it was one of those days/ weeks where nothing would gel & everything I...

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Supporting Causes is always rewarding Jaide Pearson needs our help, Art auctions have Started

Posted by Sharlene Schmidt on Friday, August 14, 2009,

"For You"

It is always rewarding helping someone who needs our help, Last week I donated a painting to the Jaide Aid Fundraiser & it sold, I donated "For You" this was chosen for its symbolism, it was painted to represent the innocents of youth, which is fitting this cause. It is "For you Jaide" she is so innocent! 

So far $25,000 has been raised But we still need another $15,000 so that in September Jaide Pearson from Levin here in New Zealand can have the much needed stem Cell implants...

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