Its like all my Christmas's have come at once, On Christmas day I received notification from an International Gallery in Hyderabad India, A letter stating I had been selected to take part in their Residency Programme, I read it twice and then yahoo'd, not just for me and the fantastic once in a life time opportunity that is an honour to receive but it will allow me to make connections for future Nz Artists to take part in as well, and build a relationship with the Gallery that could allow the same for many more after me.
Only one problem..... Though with the residency comes free accommodation, meals, transport, language, yoga, culture lessons and studio space, which is a huge package, I have to come up with the Airfares, I need to raise about $3000 before March 2011.

There has to be a way for me to get there ... and I think I’ve found it: I’m selling “shares” in my trip. For $35 shareholders get a share certificate, a hand painted postcard mailed back from India, a full colour newsletter of the trip after the event, and a 6x6” original artwork commemorating the trip by September 2011.
If you are interested in learning more about the Residency and exhibition, or would like to buy a share in my trip, contact me on
– I’d love to hear from you.

On another Note, I have wonderful friends, friends I have never expected anymore than a smile from, they have set up a group and are working on a website, One good deed, this website is aimed to help people who help others without even realising they have helped, it will be there for people to nominate others for fundraising, it maybe your neighbour who brings you a dozen eggs every week just because they can, but are needing help in some form themselves. People who make a difference and can benefit, a kind of pay it forward site... a way to say thank you and keep that love life for what it is attitude alive.
They have rallied and surprised me with donations of art and novels to fund raise, I had no idea that I had done anything to deserve all this, and for me it was a teary afternoon when I seen the responses.
"I do what I do only because I can, I expect no more than a smile in return." was my answer to why i was so surprised.
There are thousands of people out there with the same attitude, But I promise to all that I will do Nz proud in India and create, I will be challenged to create 5 new works while there, and I must take 5 with me so I can have an exhibition with other International Artists at the end of the stay, I will be critiqued by some of the worlds highest art critics and have to socialize with influential people, sounds incredibly scary, but if I turn it down will New Zealand get a second chance at the spot? and will I ever have another chance to work in another country doing what it is I do, being an artist?

Now this is it I could really do with some help!
For all those that have given art works, novels, and Sculpture already, a HUGE thank you and all these wonderful things can be found at one good deed (will blog an update when it has been launched) you can also donate things if you aren't up to buying and even to share the link, all help is Greatly appreciated.
Secondly I am selling shares and if you would like to buy a share in my trip please click here and you can fill out the form for me to get the ball rolling.
Thirdly you can purchase any of the items that have been generously donated, they are fabulous items and are definitely worth checking out!!
Marimba Powley who is an amazing Artist has taken the bull by the horns and absolutely blown me away with the set up of the group and website and she has also put prints on Redbubble with all proceeds going toward the airfare, they are an inexpensive way of giving just a little, and a little at the moment goes a very long way!! Do take the time to check them out they are fantastic!

I can tell you that i am incredibly humbled by all the help so far and with a little more I plan to make you all proud and follow up with contact to show what I have done with all the efforts that have gone into this project, as I said before there is a lot of work involved in this and not just for me, I plan to ensure great things for many Kiwis come from my experience while there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please do check back as details emerge.