Just because I can... I say Thank you.

April 29, 2012

Wow it has been a really long time since I have had time to log into my blog, let alone write something down.

I want to start with a thank you!

During the last six months I have been smiling on the outside but its been a mauh moment for most, what made me keep going and continue enjoying what I do is the fantastic people around me, all the little warm and fuzzy moments that almost always is never thanked for by anyone..no-ones fault either,  it is merely human nature.

So Thank you to Marimba Powley who has been my strength in all those yuck times and also my strength in getting everything developed for the World Art Games, It has been no small task! I couldn't have done it without her! So much has been happening that no-one in the background has had the thanks they deserve!
Thank you to all my wonderful Artist friends  and the support they have given me over the years.
Thank you to everyone who has bought or commissioned my work or just turned up to an event I wouldn't be an artist without you!
Thank you to my family and closest friends who never asked for thanks for just being there, excepting me unconditionally and knowing that I will always be there for them as they are for me unconditionally. I love you.

Wow that almost sounded like a funeral note didn't it, but no, I am forever grateful for those around me, and we shouldn't leave it until death to say thank you.
But in all fairness I have had to do some soul searching this month, some close 'friends' left me feeling bitter and twisted some six months ago, and were only staying close so they could get something, which is sad for them..to toss a friend aside because they were no longer useful is a very sad way to go through life, I am left asking why?? Anyway as some of you know It is not me to allow anyone to have that power over me, nor should anyone ever have to experience it from me either. So to those that have seen me go through this I am sorry and thank you for staying close by knowing me for who I am, and reminding me. I hope everyone in this world gets a chance to have wonderful friends like you!

You all know who you are, but just to name a few..  Terry and Ann, Pam, Lauryne, Lorna, Angela, Marimba, Mike, Alfred, Cath, Josie, Vicky, Sharu.... the list go's on and on

Over many years, I have forgiven a lot of people, and each year brings a new age of wisdom, I hope through my art you can follow the journey, for me it is yet to be written, so I start this year on a more positive note, and let what will be, just be...

The Unwritten Journey
Oil on Canvas
April 2012

I do hope you all continue on your journeys taking the best from every situation, but know if you ever need some comfort in your life your friends will be there, simply because you are the best example of you.

Thank you all for your support!
Thank you all for the journey!!
I look forward to staying close to share yours!


Italy, India, Albania, Croatia, and back again.

October 26, 2011
    With every step we take we open a door to new steps in life, and as long as you don't step on someone else in the process, moving forward in your chosen career path can be as easy as just trying each door, I have a goal to take my art to the world one country at a time, but throughout this journey I wish to make sure others do too, sharing the bigger doors that I have opened.
May 2010 through the NZ Art Guild I got the chance to go to Italy and exhibit in Cassino, a commemoration of WW2 an...
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Making Postcards :D And the News!!

February 2, 2011

I was stoked to see last week a news article in the Manawatu Standard click on the picture for a larger veiw.

Another article then did it's rounds via Scoop and landed in UK News and World News

I have been selling shares for this trip as I could not afford to go at all, but when all these wonderful Artists all came together donating works and making payments into a bank account to ensure I go I was intent on making them proud!!
Via One Good Deed ~ Marimba Powley with her stunning wire Sculpture,...

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An opportunity of a life time - I am so proud to be a Kiwi!!

December 29, 2010

Its like all my Christmas's have come at once, On Christmas day I received notification from an International Gallery in Hyderabad India, A letter stating I had been selected to take part in their Residency Programme, I read it twice and then yahoo'd, not just for me and the fantastic once in a life time opportunity that is an honour to receive but it will allow me to make connections for future Nz Artists to take part in as well, and build a relationship with the Gallery that could allow the...

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Cant belive it is only 11 more days to Christmas

December 14, 2010

Wow I don't know about you, but this year has flown.....

Last time I blogged and sorry peeps, I know I haven't been as onto in the last few months.... I was gearing up for Small Packages in Auckland and was waiting on my Gold pan, Well I can safely announce that the Gold pan is finished, and when I get some ink for my printer I can send it back with my Bio. :D

Small Packages is now on at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna

Goldpan Tuapeka 2011

So after that besides some charcoals and pastel stuf...

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Traveling with Art :D

November 14, 2010

Ok so last month I mentioned this month was going to be busy, and I wasn't joking.... Loving every minute of it though, wouldn't have it any other way!!

A solo in Lumsden
A painting in Echo Deco with NZAFA
Kumeu Art in the garden
Tuapeka gold pan
Mairangi Pastel Exhibition 
Art on main in Tirau
and of corse getting everything ready

I had a very nice surprise when I heard there was articles in a couple of south land papers last week, about the solo at Fusion Gallery in Lumsden. I have the link to one ...

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November is shaping up to be Busy!!

October 30, 2010
Wow it has been awhile since I last updated my blog, I have been busy though.
I have been preparing, painting, drawing, resourcing, for.......
My Solo at fusion Gallery, open from the 10th - 28th Nov 10am - 5pm 41 Diana St Lumsden
Deco Echo Exhibition, open from the 30th Oct - 21st Nov 1 Queens wharf, wellington (Nz academy of fine arts)
Kumeu Art in the Garden open 6th - 7th Nov

I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by Kodak Express in Levin for Kumeu Art in the Garden which is run by the N...

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Summer, Pastels and Facebook :D

October 5, 2010
Been hectic the last few months and the weather has kept a dampener on it all, being coped up and cold hasn't helped with the mood to get it all completed and now that it is it's a real anticlimax...
The sun is shining the new spring blossoms are out, lambs dancing in the fresh green paddocks... so why am I feeling so lost, personally I think I have spent so long concentrating on only one thing and putting everything I have to give into it that I have lost connection with all else around me, ...
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Art that tells a story....

September 12, 2010
The start of the month seen the Opening of "Inner Strength" Exhibition, a lot of powerful Images where painted, each one telling a story from the artist that did it.
From one emotional event to another this month has been full of finding my own Inner Strength, on return from the exhibition in Auckland I heard a friend of mine had passed away, he had sadly taken his own life... This is where the story starts many years ago before I ever thought of picking up a pencil or a paintbrush I met this ...
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Is there no end?

August 17, 2010
Is there no End? I most certainly hope not!!
I am absolutely loving being a full time artist, I can stay up until 6am painting and go to exhibition openings, I am in charge of my own calender and I get to manage my own time, I was never very good at this 9-5 structure but am very good at working an 8 hour day, but to be fair most days are more like 12 hours, and normally at night.
I have been painting madly with the intention of having 18 works all at least at the half way mark by the end of t...
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About Me

Sharlene 2010 Highlights  One of 7 artists worldwide selected to have her artworks transformed into jewellery with award winning American company Bajidoo.  Exhibited in group exhibition in Italy  Took part in 15 group exhibitions, and held a solo show. 2011 Highlights  Won the January UK Derwent Award with a pastel work.  Attended an artist residency in India  Took part in 8 group exhibitions and 2 solo shows  Was listed in the International Dictionary of Artists, published by World Wide Art Books.  Attended an artist residency in Albania.  Studying Masters of Arts Management at Whitecliffe Art School  Global press coverage, from newspaper articles to Television and live stream interviews, for numerous events. Contact details: Facebook: www.facebook.com/sharlenesart




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