Italy 2010

Legato Exhibition was held in Casino Italy May 2010 for the commemoration of the WWII battle.


 Christmas day 2010 I was selected to go to India for a residency, I didn't have the money, so presumed as much as I wanted to go that I wouldn't be able to.

New Zealand, Australian and even Austrian people jumped in to help get me there. I sold shares in the trip for a small price letters postcards and 12 months later a 6x6 inch work.

The idea behind the works was that each person who either helped to raise funds or put funds into it directly would get a share in the bigger picture, so it was set the 3 designs below were created so everyone would get a square.

 Photos from India March 2011

Artist Residency


The fabulous trip to India, introduced me to some wonderful people, this in return seen me go on a sponsored trip to Albania in September just gone, it was another residency, where again I meet a large range of individuals from politicians to gallery and museum owners, and a range of fabulous artists who I got the pleasure of spending 10 days with.

This time I didn’t get deported!! Always a bonus!!

We had a documentary crew follow us for about 6 days and during this time we visited orphanages around Albania delivering toys and painting murals and being entertained by the children.

I surprised myself, pushing myself to the limit painting a total of seven works in seven days in front of a crowd of people at the resort we stayed at, 4 of these works were shown in Durres a small city about 30mins away from Golem where we were staying, with the 8 small works I took over. These 12 works will be exhibited again in November in the Albanian National Museum, (Which is somewhat like our TePapa museum.)

The additional 3 were commissioned by the hotel, which was fantastic for my ego!

From this trip to Albania, I found myself being nominated by the founder and president of  WAG (World Art Games) to be president of NZ National Committee of WAG, which is a huge honour, I am now required to travel to Croatia in November  this year for the first conference to get the game details sorted out, the first Games will be in May 2013, and I am excited to be already sorting New Zealand’s details and sponsorship to take a team of painters, sculptures, musicians, etc from all aspects of ‘art’ to represent New Zealand, the hard part I believe will be the selection process.

It also means that I can help get others to gain international experiences, which was also a promise I made when getting the opportunity to go to India. I did work hard and told how you all helped me, I wanted to make you all proud, and I want you to know that I am forever grateful, and will give it back somewhere somehow, 10 fold.

Albania was stunning and the beach’s beautiful, unlike India they appeared to be very proud of their land and kept it manicured beautifully, however the driving through the streets wasn’t much different to India with traffic just going everywhere, a little scary for this country girl from NZ.


 Photos From Albania Oct 2011

Artists Residency

 Photos From Croatia Nov 2011

World Art Games Annual presidents Conference