Sharlene Schmidt

As a full time Contemporary Artist, Sharlene is achieving her goal of living life to its fullest doing purely what she loves to do.

She gets the most gratification from expressing herself through her art and then the artwork eliciting an emotional response and achieving a sense of belonging with another person.

She has great patience and each artwork is executed with full attention to the finest details, Many of Sharlene’s works represent playable music, music to Sharlene is an international language that can elect understanding without the need for words. Some of the music shown in Sharlene’s Oils was composed especially for her paintings by fellow NZ Artist Erika Hussleman.

Sharlene’s other passion is for chalk Pastels and Charcoal in which she enjoys creating pet / animal portraits from photographs.

Sharlene paints specifically for a number of causes and donates artworks every year, going as far as shaving her head for Leukemia and Blood foundation in 2009.

She believes in "paying it forward" and says "it is always  good for the soul to help others that one day may be helping you".

Sharlene's preferred mediums are Oil and Chalk Pastel, but she creates in many other mediums as well. 

She is always open to commissions of any genre.

  • She has successfully exhibited throughout New Zealand.
  • 2010 one of 7 artists worldwide selected to have her artworks transformed into jewelery with award winning American company Bajidoo.
  • 2010 returned from exhibiting in Italy.
  • 2011 Attended an Artist Residency India
  • 2011 Attended an Artist Residency Albania
  • 2011 Graduated Diploma in Arts
  • Currently Studying Master of Arts Administration Management at Whitecliffe.
  • President of New Zealand National Committee for World Art Games.

Sharlene has been awarded with an Artist Residency in India for the Month of March 2011, where she will work and Exhibit in the main International Art center there.

Sharlene can also be found on Facebook and is a member of the NZ Art Guild  

 Most of what you will see on this site is sold, but Sharlene is happy to talk if some thing does catch your eye.

Her art can also be purchased as prints through Redbubble and as novelty items through Zazzle.

Commissions welcome, Price's will depend on what you are looking for.

Sharlene has many art works in homes through out New Zealand and Internationally.

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